Performance Based Wheel Service Equipment

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Performance Based
Wheel Service Equipment

(800) 816-8138
(903 831-3986)

Performance Based
Wheel Service Equipment

(800) 816-8138 – (903 831-3986)




A New Concept in Alignment Machines

RAVAmerica TestDrive 2.0 WIFI Alignment Kits

Higher Technology in A Simple Yet Powerful Package

  • The first totally PC-free alignment system powered by WiFi signal through the Smart Tablet.
  • Can be used with existing two post lifts without using tables… drive on lift rack required.
  • The most portable alignment system yet saves space and lets you use the system in every bay.

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What Makes It Better?

  • Tablet Based Technology. NO PC!
  • Wireless Communication Thru WIFI
  • No Large and Expensive Lift/Rack Required
  • All New Alignment Software
  • New TESTDRIVE Feature
  • New Adjust by Sound Feature
  • Paper or Paper-less Reports
  • Takes up Zero Floor Space!
  • Ultimate in Portability
  • Amazing Versatility and Capabilities
  • Self Calibration
  • Upgrading Databases and Software

Tablet Based TechnologyPC and Windows issues a thing of the past.



Tablet uses magnets2

Tablet uses magnets to securely attach to lift as you adjust.




Tablet is operated by touch or with stylus included.


  • Use your signal or its own signal.
  • Super fast and reliable.

RAV TD2.0 WIFI with Tablet

  • Use it with existing two post lifts---no tables required.

Forward-I10-Two-Post-LiftDrop Down for 2 Post Lift







  • Use it off the floor or parking lot
  • Works perfectly well with all lift racks too.
  • No Cabinet taking up floor space.
  • No towers or obstructions.
  • Simplified and user friendly
  • Plenty of high end features
  • Very Fast and easy

Software calculates probable steering wheel position before you finish the alignment!


  • If the tablet is not near simply ADJUST BY SOUND.
  • Beeps change in pitch and frequency as you near your target specification.

• Use Teq-Link feature to export PDF report files to customer
• Can be connected to WIFI printer in the shop or office.

Show customer what is needed


  • Available with convenient wall storage boards
  • Wall boards store instruments and wheel clamps
  • Keeps everything off the floor




  • New state of the art CCD sensor heads are extremely durable
  • Sensor heads weigh less than 5 lbs.RAVAmerica TestDrive 2.0-WIFI-Heads
  • Tablet can easily be carried in one hand
  • Tablet can be fastened to the lift

Tablet uses magnets

• 2-wheel, 4-wheel, and 2-wheel with only two heads
• Passenger cars and light truck applications with one or two axles
• Clamps accommodate rims up to 24” diameter
• Sensors can measure around tires up to 34” diameter
• Special feature for air dams and obstructions
• Wheelbase lengths up to 22 feet
• One tons, super duties, and dual wheeled trucks
• Most box vans and smaller delivery vehicles
• Most RVs and transit buses on one-ton chassis
• Sports cars and exotics

Can be done in minutes with optional calibration device

• System prompts operator when new upgrades are available
• Upgrade as often or seldom as you like
• Can be done quickly and efficiently by Internet connection
• Alignment Specs, VIN Data, and Alignment Software all upgraded together
• Complete database upgrades are $599 with free updates for 90 days following
• Vehicle VIN barcode can be scanned using optional DataLogic Scan Tool
• System pro

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