Remote operation and VIN Scan by SmartPhone

connec 2t

Two Years of Target Data Updates

target data

ADAS ready…no software license neede

adas 2

Premium measuring cameras with display


Premium Console with Monitor Riser

vista  premium series

Premium Self-Centering 3 Point Wheel Clamps

STDA35E Clamp

WiFi dongle included

dongle A

Extra battery set included

battery 2


  • Megapixel High Resolution Cameras
  • 3 Dimensional Targets
  • Premium Alignment Software
  • FastCheck Software
  • 2 Years Free Database Upgrade
  • No Push…No Roll Technology
  • Surface Level Compensation
  • 3 Point Non-Runout Wheel Clamps
  • Premium Cabinet with Monitor Riser
  • Printer
  • FastCheck Camera Stands
  • Floor Measuring Package
  • Two Post Lift Measuring Pkg.
  • Collision Center Package

Unlike Conventional Tower Designs the Vistar System is Not Limited to Only One Alignment Lift or Bay.


Other Systems Demand You Bring the Vehicle to the System…

Vistar moves all over the shop taking the alignment system to the car!

Using the Vistar System with an Alignment Rack…
Compatible with virtually all scissor, 4 post, or in-ground models.


Vistar Bluetooth Measuring Head easily locks and unlocks to the lift runway. Simply install brackets on every aliginment lift in any bay of the workshop.


Vistar Evaluates the Level Condition of the Surface and Compensates for Out of Level Condition! Move from one lift or from lift to floor with confidence in the accuracy of your measurements.


Measuring/FastCheck Package

2 post lift 1A

Raise vehicle on lift and roll alignment tables under each wheel.

Two Post Stands

Lower vehicle down onto alignment stands.

Vistar camera tripods

Position Vistar camera tripods between 2 post lift arms


Software will guide you to precision placement of tripods.

Conduct measurement and you are ready to adjust alignment angles as prompted.

Click image for larger view

auto fastcheck
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