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Performance Based
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Performance Based
Wheel Service Equipment

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Collision Center Alignment System

The First True Collision Center Alignment System
Designed to Meet the Unique Demands of the Collision Center.
Tower Free Design with No Push/No Roll Technology
Free ranging portability allows you to work all over the workshop

Collision Pro is available in two different trim levels.

The Vistar Collision Series does not require an alignment lift. Instead you are able to use the system where the vehicle sits….on a two post or scissor lift….off the floor….on an alignment lift….off the floor or on the frame rack.

The Vistar Collision Pro has powerful tools and features making it ideal for collision workshops. We know that space and time are two of your most valuable commodities and this aligner can improve your cycle times and offer you work flow solutions that previously did not exist. Our FreeRange capabilities allow the system to work all over the shop using the SmartPhone as remote control and viewer. If you have a traditional alignment rack that is fine because this system adapts to just about every brand and model. If you do not have the space, the need, or the budget for a traditional alignment lift the Collision Pro offers you other innovative and powerful ways to use this system.

New! RAV Exclusive SAI Diagnosis feature analyzes SAI and other critical front wheel angles and makes suggestions about possible bent parts and components.

Pre-Inspection of the Vehicle
When the damaged vehicle enters your workshop one of the first things you should do is to perform a pre-inspection of the vehicle using the Vistar system. This will give you a wealth of information about the vehicle and can be completed in a few minutes. Simply drive the vehicle on to the superlite turning plates and use the aligner to measure. Almost anyone on your staff can be taught to perform an accurate pre-inspection as it does not require a technician. In a matter of minutes you will have data and printouts that indicate:

  • Alignment measurements front and rear
  • Chassis Geometrical Dimensions
  • SAI Diagnosis (Bent Parts)

Using these reports you will be able to better plan the repair, improve the workflow, and increase your efficiency.
Making Alignment Adjustments Off the Floor
With some vehicles such as light trucks, it is practical to make alignment adjustments off the floor. Simply drive on to the superlite turning plates and measure the vehicle alignment angles. The system will guide your technician through the alignment process in a clear and concise, step by step procedure.
Performing the Pre-Inspection
Click image for larger view

Click image for larger view

Drive on to superlight plates.

Install wheel adapters with
3D targets.

Using SmartPhone or Tablet scan VIN and enter vehicle selection.

Follow on screen prompts to complete measurement and print reports.
Exclusive No Roll….No Push Technology!

Graphic EZ Printout

Technical Printout

Chassis Diagnosis Printout

SAI Diagnosis Printout


Measuring the Alignment Angles and Adjusting
When it is time to measure and adjust the alignment angles you are able to do that where the vehicle sits without having to shuttle the vehicle to a different bay. This saves time and money not to mention that the vehicle may not be driveable or may be blocked in by other vehicles that cannot be moved.
See the images below describing the alignment process using a two post or quick scissors lift.
Performing a Pre-Inspection or Chassis Measurement
You can also measure the chassis geometry and perform the SAI diagnosis off the two post or scissor lift. If during the repair a fast measurement of the alignment or chassis is needed it is a fast and simple task with the Vistar. Simply roll the tables under the vehicle, lower, and measure.

2 post lift 1A

Raise vehicle on lift and roll alignment tables under each wheel.

Two Post Stands

Lower vehicle down onto alignment stands.

Vistar camera tripods

Position Vistar camera tripods between 2 post lift arms


Software will guide you to precision placement of tripods.

Conduct measurement and you are ready to adjust alignment angles as prompted.

Measuring the Alignment Angles and Adjusting
Drive on to the superlite alloy turning plates install wheel units and measure the alignment. The system then prompts the technician through the alignment adjustment in an easy step by step procedure.
Performing a Pre-Inspection or Chassis Measurement
If during the frame work a measurement of the vehicle chassis is needed you are NOT required to take the vehicle off the frame rack then move it across the shop to an alignment lift. Simply insert the alloy turning plates underneath the wheels and measure the alignment right where it sits!
Time and money are not lost due to an inefficient alignment system!
Measuring the Chassis Geometry and Performing the Pre-Inspection
If for any reason while the vehicle is on the frame rack you need to know the alignment or chassis geometry situation you simply slide the superlite alloy turning plates under the wheels, install the aligner targets and measure. No longer are you required to move the vehicle wasting valuable time and money.

frame rack

Drive vehicle right onto superlight alloy plates

frame rackadapter

Attach frame rack adapters with measuring cameras to frame rack platforms
Also works on Non-Chief brand racks

mounting clamps and targets

Install wheel clamps with 3D targets.

Vistar software

Conduct measurement as prompted by aligner.


RAV Vistar Collision System
 A more modern approach that allows complete portability and allows you to work off a variety of surfaces in any bay of the workshop. The aligner goes to the vehicle instead of the vehicle being required to go to the aligner.

  • Completely portable system remotely controlled by Smartphone and able to work in any bay or even the parking lot.
  • Does not require an alignment specific lift but works great if you have one.
  • Offers exclusive SAI Diagnosis software which makes suggestions regarding possible bent suspension parts.
  • Measures all alignment angles plus chassis dimensions of wheel base, diagonals, track width, and front/rear setback.
  • Able to work off two post lifts and quick scissor lifts
  • Able to work off the floor.
  • Make pre-inspections off the parking lot if needed.
  • Vistar compensates for unlevel surface.
  • TOWER-FREE 3D design.
  • Vivid easy to understand graphic printouts.

Competitors Tower Model
A limited solution requiring the vehicle to be brought to the alignment system. This unit can realistically only be used with a standalone alignment lift or with trouble and effort perhaps can be used with some frame racks. Not very well suited for the modern collision center.

  • Limited portability due to fixed tower design.
  • Designed to be used with a standalone alignment rack.
  • Vehicle must be pushed and rolled in order to complete a measurement.
  • Does not compensate for unlevel surface.
  • Does not offer SAI diagnosis for assistance in detecting bent parts.
  • Does not offer floor measuring solution.
  • Does not offer two post or scissor lift measuring solution.
  • To measure off the frame rack you are required to purchase the system with tower mounted to back of aligner console. Then console must be rolled to the frame rack….camera tower boom must be manually lifted….a 12 piece turntable/ramp system must be put in place on the frame rack surface in order to drive vehicle onto turning plates.
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