Ravaglioli 8 LINER CCD Alignment Machines - Value priced alignment machines with premium features and big time results!

8 Liner Premium
Ravaglioli 8 Liner Premium
High Quality CCD Sensor Head System With Our Non-Runout Wheel Clamps and Premium Accessory Package
8 Liner PRO
Ravaglioli 8 Liner Pro
Proven 8 Liner Performance with
Standard Wheel Clamps and Accessory Package
8 Liner QCK
8 Liner QCK
The wheeled control unit houses computer, printer and battery charger. Open cabinet stores clamps and accessories.
Mobile Premium
8 Liner Mobile Premium
A portable alignment system based the 8 Liner CCD platform. With Non-Runout STDA46EU 4 Point FastClamps
Mobil Pro
8 Liner Mobile Pro
A portable alignment system based on the 8 Liner CCD platform. With STDA33EU 4 Point Standard Wheel Clamps
CCD Aligner Calibration
A Step by Step Guide
For all RAV CCD Aligners. The pictures included in this guide mat not represent the exact model or style of your aligner.
Fastcheck For More Alignments Sales
What Can The Versaliner Align?
Advantages Over Our Competitors
Portable Alignment

The 8 Liner represents value and performance in an affordable package. This system delivers set up and measuring time in as little as 3-4 minutes with precision accuracy. At the end of the day you will experience the same results that you would expect from systems costing twice as much. The software platform used for the 8 Liner is the same as our top range Vistar system and you can upgrade the system to include high end features such as remote control and VIN scanning by SmartPhone.




Fastcheck For More Alignments Sales

The 8 Liner includes our FastCheck alignment selling software feature. You are able to check the alignment on the vehicle where it sits without shuttling the car to an alignment rack. Simply cart the sensor heads, FastClamps, and the Smartphone or tablet to the vehicle and measure. Then use the EZ Printout to sell the alignment.

What Can The Versaliner Align?

Light trucks
Cube trucks
Super Duty Light Trucks
Most Limosines
Most vehicles with less than 30 ft of wheel base and with tire diameters 36″ and less.

Advantages Over Our Competitors
  • Overall cost is usually about half and this means a faster return on your investment.
  • Less maintenance costs thru the years.
  • Just as productive and just as versatile
  • Proven performance with thousands already sold and working in the field.


Portable Alignment

An Alignment Lift is Not Required! Supplement the 8 Liner Package with our Two Post Lift Measuring Package and you are able to do alignment using most two post and small scissor lifts for a completely portable alignment system. If you are tight on space or tight on budget this is an excellent way for you to get into the alignment business without disrupting your workshop or breaking the bank.

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