Performance Based Ravaglioli Wheel Alignment Equipment
for the Passenger Car and Light Truck Market

3D Aligners
Vistar Automotive Series 3D Aligners
The Versatile TowerFree Vistar 3D Alignment Machines System….Too Powerful to be Limited to Only One Bay!
CCD Aligner
8 LINER CCD Alignment Machines
Value priced alignment machines with premium features and big time results!
Collision Center System
Collision Center Alignment System
Alignment System Designed to Meet the Unique Demands of the Collision Center.
Mercedes Approved
Mercedes Approved 3D Aligners Series
RAV 3D Alignment and Lifts Approved by Mercedes!
TEq-Link, a software platform to connect RAV equipment in the shop and monitor it’s use, status, manage preventive maintenance.
ADAS/SAS Recalibration
ADAS/SAS Recalibration
ADAS Calibrations…Flexible, Precise, and Complete
Target Data & Vin Data Updates
Alignment Target Data and Vin Data Updates
Send your request for Alignment Target Data (Specs) and Vin Data Updates
Alignment Accessories
Automotive Alignment Accessories
Automotive Alignment Accessories

At RAVAmerica we have alignment machines for sale that are truly different and more productive than those of our competitors.

First of all, all Ravaglioli wheel alignment equipment comes with NO PUSH and NO ROLL technology. We do NOT require that you push a vehicle in order to measure its alignment geometry.

Unlike tower-based systems which are outdated, our Ravaglioli wheel alignment equipment is completely portable and allow you to take the alignment machine to the vehicle rather than the vehicle being required to come to the alignment machine. We offer alignment machines for sale that are TOWER-FREE and can be used with existing lift racks no matter how short they are. Our alignment equipment can be used with more than one lift rack and can also be used with two post lifts, frame racks, and even off the floor.

Starting to hear about the new Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that are being installed on most new vehicles? We offer alignment machines for sale that are ADAS ready and this means that you will not be required to re-invest in a newer model aligner if you choose Ravaglioli.

Ravaglioli offers you a distinct choice in alignment machines with two different technologies and two different price points. Both machines are precisely accurate, simple, fast, and dependable. Both systems offer great return on investment and outstanding alignment quality. We still offer a CCD sensor head-based alignment machine for sale that is arguably the finest CCD sensor head aligner ever built. This technology has all the bells and whistles such as smart phone control, No Push-No Roll, ADAS ready, two post lift ready, and complete portability.

Ravaglioli also offers 3D alignment equipment that is truly state of the art. TowerFree design, complete portability, 2 post lift compatible, smartphone controlled, lift level compensation, collision shop ready, and much more.

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