Heavy Duty Truck Tire Changers

Ravaglioli is one of the world’s leaders in heavy duty truck tire changers design, engineering, and manufacturing. Our newest state of the art factory is dedicated to the discovery of new tire changing technologies and to the production of the industry’s finest large heavy duty truck tire changing machines. Our heavy duty truck tire changers offer a more modern design, faster speed of operation, more innovative features and a larger range of models than all our competitors. We are featuring the machines specifically designed for the North American market.

Whether your needs are truck, light truck, farm, forestry, or mining we have a full selection of some of the best and most efficient mounting machines available.

RAVAmerica is recognized as an industry leader in Automotive Equipment and Truck Equipment and our highly train customer service staff is only a phone call away to answer any of your questions. We fully support our heavy duty truck and bus mounting machines with a lifetime support commitment.

  •  Tubeless Truck and Light Truck (Medium Volume) – The RAV GRS926 is a very versatile machine capable of medium volume requirements while simple to operate. This machine is being used for all kinds of tires and wheels including motor grader, implement, skid steer, super duty, wide based and other hard to change applications.
  • Tubeless Truck and Light Truck (High Volume) – When you need the most machine the market has to offer the famous RAV GTB-16N truck tire changer is the top choice. Many mounted wheel programs across the country are based on this machine. This high speed truck tire changer is capable of 150-200 cycles per day…day in and day out. It is a production quality machine designed, engineered, and manufactured to give years of dependable service.
  • Large HD Tires – RAV offers more than a dozen models of Heavy Duty and Super Duty tire machines with capabilities and features that will match your needs. These machines start as low as $12,000 giving you affordability as well as great quality and features.

Workplace injuries due to manual tire mounting processes present a risk to businesses and employees alike. Good employees are more difficult than ever to find and to retain. Why ask a good employee to swing a tire hammer day in and day out when a machine can do the hard work for you. Why ask a good employee to lift heavy tire and wheel assemblies all day and risk back injury when our tire changing machines do the lifting for you.
Workmen’s compensation claims now average almost $100,000 per occurrence. A RAV HD tire mounting machine can cost you as little as $10 per day. Automate your tire mounting processes and reap the benefits.

In addition to achieving a safer and happier workplace you can also improve your efficiency. The RAV tire changers work every day for you and their speed is unmatched. Manual tire changing might be as efficient for one or two sets of tires but after a while the machine will always prevail.

Another great benefit to using RAV tire machines is a reduced risk of bead tear. Used properly, these machines make it difficult to damage the bead.

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