Heavy Duty Truck Tire Changers by Ravaglioli….More Productive with Less Risk of Bead Damage

Ravaglioli is one of the world’s leaders in heavy duty truck tire changers design, engineering, and manufacturing. Our newest state of the art factory is dedicated to the discovery of new tire changing technologies and to the production of the industry’s finest large heavy duty truck tire changers. Our heavy duty truck tire changers offer a more modern design, faster speed of operation, more innovative features and a larger range of models than all our competitors. We are featuring the machines specifically designed for the North American market.
Ravaglioli truck tire changers are the perfect solution to changing agricultural, earthmover and large semi-truck tires. There are several ergonomically correct truck tire tools on the market today, but if you are in the business of selling or servicing large tires, then you need a Ravaglioli model.
Ravaglioli Equipment will take all the back breaking labor out of changing heavy stiff sidewall tires. RAVAmerica is recognized as an industry leader in Automotive Equipment and Truck Equipment and our highly train customer service staff is only a phone call away to answer any of your questions.

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