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Performance Based
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Performance Based
Wheel Service Equipment

(800) 816-8138 – (903 831-3986)

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Alignment Support Program for Automotive Aligners

Industry Leading Customer Support With Every RAV System

Outstanding Customer Support is the Most Effective Way to Attract and Keep New Customers.
We live in an age where customer support often leaves a lot to be desired. Here at RAVAmerica we believe our customer support is our best way to attract and retain loyal customers. This is not by accident because we invest so much time and resources in our customer support programs. We find it easy to put ourselves in your position and our goal is to restore your equipment and the rhythm of your workshop. We believe we may have the best overall customer support that our industry has to offer.  Over the past 35 years we have discovered strategies that allow us to combine innovative and modern practices with old fashioned human competence and compassion. If you think the days of stellar support are a time of the past, read on…

  • Our Strategy
  • Our Program

Combining the Best of the Old with the Best of the New

The Human Touch

Experienced people answer our phones, address your needs and route you to a real person who is able to guide you to the best possible solution.

Combined with Advanced Technologies

Technological advancement has improved the function and reliability of our machines while also making it possible to offer new and more efficient support methods. No longer is the regional service person the best solution when you have a problem.

Leads to Less Downtime

A phone call to us will connect you with an experienced technician. If need be and with an internet connection, we can quickly access your aligner via internet and dig deeper. 95% of all service issues regarding RAV aligners are handled by phone or internet with no cost to the customer.

And Less Cost to YOU

Our program is designed to save you money…. our competitor’s service program is designed to COST you money.


Every RAV Alignment System Comes With Our Industry Leading Support Program

Telephone Based Support
Cost to You: Free for the Life of the System
When help is needed you will call one number. A person will answer and you will be routed to the best possible person who can help you resolve your specific issue. We have qualified technicians and trainers on staff who can assist you whether the problem is related to a vehicle, the system or software, or almost any other alignment related topic or situation. The vast majority of customer support requests are resolved through our phone based support.

Internet Based Support
Cost to the Customer: Free for the life of the system
The 2nd most important aspect of our support is the ability to access your alignment system from our technical support headquarters. Access only requires a wireless or wired connection and our technicians will be able to run diagnostics, upgrade software, address training issues, and so much more. It is like bringing a highly qualified factory technician to your place of business without the wait and without the cost!

Component Replacement and Repair
A RAV alignment system is an amazingly reliable machine and as a result less than 5% of all RAV aligner support issues result in replacement or repair of hardware or components The majority of these cases are the result of damage and not component failure. In the case that repair or replacement is required you will have at least 3 viable options:

  1. Send your component to us for repair by FedEx or UPS- We will diagnose, repair, and quickly return it to you.
  2. If repair is not a viable option you may purchase a new component and we will expedite the delivery to you. RAV components are plug and play.
  3. Subscribe to our Component Exchange Program and we will send you a loaner component to use while yours comes to us for repair. This is an optional program for the customer who wants to cover all bases.
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