Nick McCullough

40 years of industry experience and co-founder of Beach Equipment Co./RAVAmerica in 1985. Still passionate about the industry and is constantly looking for ways to improve the machines, their efficiency and earning power. He welcomes your questions and would love to hear what you have to say regarding ways to improve our products and services.


Anita McCullough

Co-founder of the company and head of accounting. Anita’s dedication to the business and her insistence on honest and accurate accounting practices have played a major role in our success. Her passion is companion animals and Anita is involved in several missions


Teresa Lollar

Teresa is someone you have probably spoken to since she answers most of our calls the old fashioned way with a live, human voice. Teresa also is responsible for shipping and logistics and is a valuable part of our team.

Teresa 2

Benny Smith

Benny is our foremost expert in the Heavy Duty sector and is our longest serving employee. Benny’s product knowledge, his reputation for honesty and his devotion to the customer are well known in the industry. Best of all Benny knows how to make your services and processes profitable and can be an invaluable source of counsel.


Matt Casteel

Many of you know Matt by phone and it is fairly safe to say that he is likely the most experienced alignment technical support person in the country. This is because we currently take care of over 3000 aligners and Matt is involved in most all of them. He is appreciated all over North America for his patient ways and deep understanding of the alignment products.

Matt Castell

Bob McAlister

Bob is soon to be in his 20th year with the company and is an experienced and well rounded part of the RAVAmerica/Beach team. As operations manager, Bob manages inventory, machine preparation, packaging, and shipping. More than anyone Bob is responsible for your equipment arriving correctly configured, on time, and in good condition.


Jerry Fry

Jerry has worked with us since 1998 and is one of the most experienced HD alignment trainers in the industry. Jerry has a deep understanding of all facets of the HD alignment services business because he has been there and he has done it. He is also known as the “3 Axle Alignment Guy” and many industry related people follow his blog and comments on social media.

Jerry Fry

Ernie Diaz

A Beach/RAV team member since 2015 Ernie is that rare individual who combines strong technical and mechanical skills with computer and software aptitude. He has a strong belief in doing what is best for the customer and will go the final mile to help someone in need. Ernie has 20 years of automotive related experience and knows how to use our machines as well as how to service them. He is an excellent source for ideas and counsel in regards to how best to apply our equipment and make your processes more profitable.


Ernesto Diaz

Ernesto prepares and tests machines before shipping, makes repairs to electronic components, and is an alignment support apprentie. He has youth on his side and has already established himself as a valuable part of the RAV Team.


Blake Van Gent

Blake’s role with RAVAmerica is as our field representative in the Great Lakes region. Although still in his 20’s, Blake is a 7 year industry veteran and is very much a hands-on person. He has a deep understanding of alignment and wheel service in general. He knows how to perform alignments, how to change and balance tires, and how to service the equipment. Because of his wide range of experiences he offers our customers excellent counsel and advice regarding machine purchases.

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