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TOP OF THE RANGE! RAV TD8060T Versaliner Heavy Duty Truck Mobile Alignment System

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Heavy Duty Truck Mobile Alignment
rav mobile aligner cases with custom-foam-interiors

  • Higher revenue potential and more productive
  • No pushing or rolling the vehicle required.
  • Fast 3 minute set up and measuring time.
  • Fastcheck program sells alignments.
  • Nothing required to change bays or move to parking lot.
  • Can be carried on site to customer location.

Versaliner Mobile $37,995.00 or $779 Per Month
With RAVAdvantage $39,995.00 or $799 Per Month
In Stock – Ships In 2 – 3 Days

  • Proven and repeatable accuracy.
  • Great versatility…aligns virtually all types of vehicles
  • Simple to use…less training required
  • Calibrate the system yourself
  • Best and fastest trailer alignment system
  • Great reliability and low maintenance costs
Boss Truck Shops Inc.

HD Alignment and Tire Changer

“We’ve purchases several of the RAV Alignment machines over the years with Great Success! Use to work with Benny and have been working with Nick over the last few years. Love the product and most of all they’re customer support is 2nd to none! You have any issues and they’re on it! I’d highly recommend them and they’re products!”

HD Aligners and Tire Changers
Total Drive LLC

RAVAmerica HD Mobile Alignment Machine

“I’ve owned and operated a RAV America HD alignment machine mobile since 2014. I’ve never had a break down or issue causing any downtime in that entire time. This is the fastest, hardest working machine in the market today.”

Heavy Duty Truck Aligners

RAVAmerica Truck Alignment System

“In the Fall of 2019, my company decided it was time to add to our services for our customers. I did some research and had many conversations with Nick at RAVAmerica. The RAVAmerica team provided answers for all my questions. After we purchased the alignment machine, all of the support, on site and on line, was available when we needed help. The RAVAmerica Truck Alignment system has added valuable services for all of our customers. Thank you RAVAmerica team.”

Heavy Duty Truck Aligners

Two custom mobile storage cases per system

  • Instrument Case contains:
    • 4 Bluetooth CCD Measuring Sensor Heads
    • Hard Service Laptop Computer Managed by Windows 10
    • Android based 8” SmartTablet Remote Control and Viewer
    • Premium Alignment Software
    • Inkjet Printer
    • Charging Capabilities Inside the Case
  • Accessory Hardware Case includes
    • Set of 4 HD Non-Runout FastClamps
    • Set of 2 Superlight Alloy Turning Plates
    • Extra Set of 6 Long Standoff Tubes
    • Extra Set of 6 Short Standoff Tubes
    • Calibration Plates on Lid of Case
  •  Other Items Included in Package
    • Calibration Device
    • Trailer Alignment Fixture


  • Optional Accessories Available
    • HD Alignment Tool Set
    • HD Alignment Shim Assortment
Trailer Alignment Fixture
Ravaglioli TEq-Link
Bluetooth CCD Measuring Sensor Heads

Almost anything
on wheels!

  • Trucks- light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty
  • Trailers- Semi, Full, and Multiple Axles
  • Coaches and RV’s
  • Buses
  • Cube Vans
  • Dual Steering Vehicles

What Can The Versaliner Align?
What Can The Versaliner Align?
combo 11
schoolbus 2
What Can The Versaliner Align?
Over the Road Truck
Heavy Truck

ADDITIONAL TIRE SAVINGS USING PM ALIGNMENT FASTCHECK PROGRAM One alignment during the life of the steering tires is not enough if you expect to achieve maximum tire mileage. If you adopt our FastCheck concept where steering axle toe angle is checked and set at every PM service interval this calculator will estimate the additional savings you can expect.

Truck Aligner Calibration

Truck Aligner Training

Trailer Alignment

Using FastCheck to Sell More Alignments

FastCheck 2 Wheel Truck Alignment Test

FastCheck 3.5 min With Steering Wheel Set


Preparing the Machine

Video (approx. 10 min)
Large Cabinet Unpacking & Preparation

Video (approx. 4 min)
Assembly of Truck
Fast Clamps

Video (approx. 6 min)
Assembly of
Lt. Truck Fast Clamps


Compact Trolley Unpacking & Preparation

Operational Training

Video (approx. 37 min)
Truck Alignment Training

Instruction Sheets

Instruction Sheets

Video (approx. 3 min)
Trailer Alignment

Video (approx. 2 min)
Using FastCheck to
Sell More Alignments

Video (approx. 2 min)
Using FastCheck 2
Fine Tune Toe at
Oil Change Intervals


Smartphone/Tablet Remote Control & View

Video (approx. 12 min)
Truck Alignment

Instruction Sheets

Warranty and Support

  • Lifetime Phone Based Support
  • Lifetime Internet Based Support
  • Two Year Limited Parts Warranty

Technical Assistance Contacts