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One Model Does Everything!

Align Cars, Light Trucks, and Heavy Duty with one Amazing Alignment Machine.

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  • Higher revenue potential and more productive.
  • No pushing or rolling the vehicle required.
  • Fast 3 minute set up and measuring time.
  • Fastcheck program sells alignments.
  • Nothing required to change bays or move to parking lot.
  • Can be carried on site to customer location.
  • Proven and repeatable accuracy.
  • Great versatility…aligns virtually all types of vehicles.
  • Simple to use…less training required.
  • Calibrate the system yourself.
  • Best and fastest trailer alignment system.
  • Great reliability and low maintenance costs.

Combo $39,995 or $799 Per Month
With RAVAdvantage $41,995 or $849 Per Month
In Stock – Ships In 2 – 3 Days

Combo Truck & Car Alignment System Package Includes:

  • Set of Bluetooth Measuring Sensors
  • Set of HD NonRunout Wheel Clamps
  • Industrial quality PC managed by Windows 10
  • Premium Alignment Software
  • SmartTablet Remote Control/Viewer
  • Trailer Alignment Package
  • Calibration Package
  • Pair of Superlite Alloy Turnplates
  • Monitor, Printer, Keyboard, Brake and Steering Locks
  • Set of 4 No Runout FastClamps for Budd Wheels

Additional Components for Cars and Light Trucks

  • Two front automotive measuring sensors
  • Set of 4 NonRunout Automotive Wheel Clamps
  • Auto/Light Truck Alignment Software
  • Auto Light Truck DataBase of Vehicles

Optional Accessories Available

  • Wheel Clamp Storage Cart

The Combo Truck & Car Alignment System expertly aligns almost anything on wheels!

  • Trucks- light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty
  • Trailers- Semi, Full, and Multiple Axles
  • Coaches and RV’s
  • Buses
  • Cube Vans
  • Dual Steering Vehicles
  • Passanger Cars
RAVAmerica Combo Aligner
What Can The Versaliner Align?
Over the Road Truck

Truck Aligner Calibration

Truck Aligner Training

Trailer Alignment

Using FastCheck to Sell More Alignments

FastCheck 2 Wheel Truck Alignment Test

Fastcheck 3.5 min With Steering Wheel Set

ADDITIONAL TIRE SAVINGS USING PM ALIGNMENT FASTCHECK PROGRAM One alignment during the life of the steering tires is not enough if you expect to achieve maximum tire mileage. If you adopt our FastCheck concept where steering axle toe angle is checked and set at every PM service interval this calculator will estimate the additional savings you can expect.