All New! RAV Family of Heavy Duty Truck Alignment Machines

Semi Truck Alignment Machine from RAVAmerica are Fast, Accurate, and Easy to Operate. Whether your aligning a 3 axle truck, a multiple axle vehicle, trailer, coach or light truck this versatile alignment machine does it all. It moves from bay to bay with ease and can even measure trucks on the parking lot. Need a quick check of the truck’s steering axle? Just install two measuring sensors on the steer axle and in 2 minutes you have readings and are ready to adjust.

The RAVAmerica semi truck alignment machine uses non-runout technology for a no push and no roll measurement. Simply drive up, connect the measuring sensors and readings are instant. Align up to 16 axles and generate a full color printout with graphic illustrations. Our Teq-Link app allows easy exporting of the printouts to your customers and even provides you with work flow reports.
For extreme portability choose our Versaliner Mobile Truck Alignment which super protects your system and allows you to even carry the machine on site to your customer’s location.

Need one machine that does it all? Our COMBO truck alignment machine does everything our truck aligner does and even aligns cars and light trucks.

Call RAVAmerica for complete information. Machines are in stock ready for immediate shipment.

HD Truck Alignment Machines

HD Truck Alignment Machines

Semi Truck Alignment Machine