Heavy Duty Truck Wheel Balancers by Ravaglioli

Ravaglioli GTL4.140RC-Super-Duty Wheel Balancer
Ravaglioli GTL2.120H-Standard-Heavy-Duty Wheel Balancer
GT2 RoadSide Mobile Truck Balancer

Ravaglioli offers both a top of the range video diagnostic model as well as a more standard model with digital display.
Ravaglioli Heavy Duty Truck Wheel Balancers are made to last under heavy loads and feature DC drive systems like all Ravaglioli Heavy Duty Truck Wheel Balancers. Our DC drive delivers more torque for heavier tire and wheel assemblies and add to the precision accuracy of the machine as spin speed is more closely controlled. Ravaglioli balancers are engineered to last through years of volume cycling. All Ravaglioli Heavy Duty Truck Wheel Balancer offer the same pneumatic wheel lift and a full range of adapters is available for either machine. Four models to chose from so that you are assured of fitting your application and budget. For more information please contact us.