Compact Trolley - Use in and Around Your Workshop

4 Non-Runout FastClamps
for Truck Wheels

wheel clamp

2 Front Bluetooth
Measuring Sensors

front head

2 Rear Bluetooth
Measuring Sensors

rear head

Aligner Cover

RAV Aligner With Cover

TD8060T Compact FastLiner

TD8060T Compact Fastliner

Remote Control

truck smartphone

Trailer Alignment

trailer fixture

Calibration Bar

calabration bar

FastLiner 8060 Truck Alignment Machine Package Includes:

  • Compact Trolley with molded top and monitor mount, shelves for PC and printer.
  • Deluxe Software
  • Sensor heads charge when docked on side of the cabinet
  • 4 Bluetooth Measuring Sensors
  • Industrial Quality PC
  • SmartTablet Remote Control
  • Printer

Wheel Clamp Adaptors

  • Set of 4 No Runout FastClamps for Budd Wheels

Other Accessories Included:

  • Trailer Alignment Package
  • Self Calibration Package
  • Pair of HD Turnplates

Support and Training

  • Lifetime Phone Based Support
  • Lifetime Internet Based Support
  • OnSite Training Available Available
  • Video and Internet Training
  • 2 Years of Parts Warranty

FastCheck program included – Special program for two sensor head operation

Here is how it can work for you:
Each vehicle that comes to your workshop for service gets a FastCheck test of its steer axle alignment condition.

  • The FastCheck test requires 2-3 minutes in REAL TIME.
  • The highly portable system is operated by Smart Tablet and its components use Bluetooth technology.
  • It is not necessary to roll a console around the shop. Take the measuring components and the tablet to wherever the vehicle happens to be….in any bay….even on the parking lot!
  • Send the EZ Printout from the tablet to the printer….to any computer in the building….even send it to your customer’s email address for their authorization.
  • Present the EZ Printout to the customer as documented evidence that alignment correction is required.
  • Using the graphical evidence of the printout as your basis explain the benefits of proper alignment and the consequences if the alignment is not done.Close the Sale!

The more vehicles you FastCheck the more alignments you sell. The FastCheck system can also be used to adjust the steering axle toe angle. It is also easily upgraded to a complete alignment system anytime in the future!
Want to increase alignment sales….tire sales…..sales of related parts and labor?

Start FastChecking!

  • No rolling…No pushing and No raising the truck required
  • No Runout FastClamps reference the wheel at the hub…not at the outer lip
  • Nothing Faster- Ultra quick set up and measuring times
  • Nothing more accurate- Outstanding repeatable accuracy assured
  • Premium Software for Trucks, Trailers, Multi-Axles, Coaches, Light Trucks and more
  • FastCheck Software Included
  • Steer axle adjustment with only two heads is possible
  • Bluetooth Sensor Heads
  • Industrial quality PC with Windows Embedded
  • Simple red-blue-yellow-green operating scheme
  • SmartTablet included for outstanding remote operation
  • Heavy duty welded portable cabinet houses components
  • Industry leading telephonically based support line
  • Industry leading internet based support
  • 2 years parts warranty
  • Training available but not required. Choose between video, live stream training, or on site advanced alignment training. Make the training fit your needs. The FastLiner 8060 truck alignment machine includes more of our innovative features than any other single model:

Use the FastLiner truck alignment machine to sell the alignment service by FastChecking the vehicles that enter your workshop. Use this same system to perform the alignment with the speed and accuracy required for success. Set up and measuring in 5 minutes REAL TIME. No rolling, pushing, or raising of the vehicle required.

Answer: Almost anything on wheels!

  • Trucks- light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty
  • Trailers- Semi, Full, and Multiple Axles
  • Coaches and RV’s
  • Buses
  • Cube Vans
  • Multiple Axle Vehicles

Over the Road Trucks
Heavy Duty Vehicles
Coaches and RV’s
School Buses
Truck and Trailer Attached
Medium Duty Vehicles
Multiple Axle Vehicles
Light Duty Trucks

  • No Rolling or Pushing the Vehicle Required to Make an Accurate Measurement.
  • Faster Operating- Measuring times as quickly as 2 minutes.
  • Simpler Operation- 4 color key operation requires minimal training.
  • Move from bay to bay without interruption using SmartPhone remote control.
  • A better and faster way to align trailers.
  • This system SELLS alignments! FASTCHECK program helps retailers increase sales and profits.
  • FASTCHECK program lets fleet operators check and adjust steer axle toe at each service cycle.
  • FastClamp wheel adaptors reference the wheel at the center…not at the edge of the rim.
  • Better customer support that is designed to minimize downtime and save you money.
  • Onsite Training Available!






One alignment during the life of the steering tires is not enough if you expect to achieve maximum tire mileage. If you adopt our FastCheck concept where steering axle toe angle is checked and set at every PM service interval this calculator will estimate the additional savings you can expect.

Truck Aligner Calibration

Play Video

Truck Aligner Training

Play Video

Trailer Alignment

trailer alignment
Play Video

Using FastCheck to Sell More Alignments

sell more
Play Video

FastCheck 2 Wheel Truck Alignment Test

FastCheck Aligner 1B
Play Video

Fastcheck 3.5 min With Steering Wheel Set

FastCheck Aligner 2A 1
Play Video

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