The Alignment SELLING Machine! Checks the steering axle in 90 seconds and helps you sell the alignment job.

2 Bluetooth Truck
Sensors Heads

Bluetooth Measuring Sensors

2 Non-Runout FastClamps for Truck Wheels


Aligner Cover


Calibration Bar


TD8060T FastCheck

RAV TD8060T FastCheck The Alignment SELLING Machine!

Remote Control


The RAV TD8060T Alignment SELLING Machine can perform alignment check of the steering axle, create the EZ printout showing alignment is needed, and then sell the job.
Guaranteed to increase your alignment revenue and profits.
Nothing happens until the sale is made and the new FastCheck alignment selling Machine is a proven way to increase your alignment sales and profits. We all know how effective documentation can be and the FastCheck provides documented evidence that alignment correction is needed. The FastCheck system allows you to check the alignment condition of the steering axle of every vehicle that comes to your service center. Within 3 minutes you will have the EZ Printout clearly indicating the alignment condition of the vehicle. Crooked tires on the printout are powerful proof that alignment attention is needed. The EZ Printout can be carried to a waiting customer….emailed to the customer’s home office….or emailed to your front counter or service counter. All this is accomplished from your smartphone or tablet! Our real world data indicates that approximately 60% of all vehicles FastChecked are found to require alignment adjustment. Furthermore our data indicates that sales are made 50% of the time. This means that about 1/3 of the vehicles that you FastCheck result in a successful sale of an alignment service. Since HD alignment services are one of the most lucrative services you could ever offer in your workshop, profits can be very significant. Do you wish you could sell more alignment services?
Documented Alignments:
We all know how important documentation has become in everyday business. RAV systems document each and every alignment so you do not have to. Alignment printouts and calibration reports are stored on the system hard drive for future retrieval if the need arises.

The FastCheck Alignment SELLING Machine Package Includes:

  • Light weight with charging stations for measuring heads.
  • 2 Bluetooth Measuring Sensors
  • Industrial Quality PC
  • SmartTablet Remote Control
  • Printer
  • Color LCD monitor

Wheel Clamp Adaptors

  • Set of 2 No Runout FastClamps for Truck Budd Wheels

Other Accessories Included:

  • Self Calibration Package
  • Pair of HD FastPlates

Support and Training

  •  Lifetime Phone Based Support
  • Lifetime Internet Based Support
  • OnSite Training Available Available
  • Video and Internet Training
  • 2 Years of Parts Warranty

Here is how it can work for you:
Each vehicle that comes to your workshop for service gets a FastCheck test of its steer axle alignment condition.

  • The FastCheck test requires 2-3 minutes in REAL TIME.
  • The highly portable system is operated by Smart Tablet and its components use Bluetooth technology.
  • It is not necessary to roll a console around the shop. Take the measuring components and the tablet to wherever the vehicle happens to be….in any bay….even on the parking lot!
  • Send the EZ Printout from the tablet to the printer….to any computer in the building….even send it to your customer’s email address for their authorization.
  • Present the EZ Printout to the customer as documented evidence that alignment correction is required.
  • Using the graphical evidence of the printout as your basis explain the benefits of proper alignment and the consequences if the alignment is not done.Close the Sale!

The more vehicles you FastCheck the more alignments you sell. The FastCheck system can also be used to adjust the steering axle toe angle. It is also easily upgraded to a complete alignment system anytime in the future!
Want to increase alignment sales….tire sales…..sales of related parts and labor? Start FastChecking!

One alignment during the life of the steering tires is not enough if you expect to achieve maximum tire mileage. If you adopt our FastCheck concept where steering axle toe angle is checked and set at every PM service interval this calculator will estimate the additional savings you can expect.

Using FastCheck to Sell More Alignments

Play Video

FastCheck 2 Wheel Truck Alignment Test

Play Video

Fastcheck 3.5 min With Steering Wheel Set

Play Video

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