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Heavy Duty Truck Alignment Equipment | Semi-Truck Alignment Machines

Our best HD alignment system is equally powerful
whether it is used in your workshop or onsite
at the customer’s workshop.

Standard Cabinet Design

Compact Cart Design

One Alignment System for Cars,
Trucks, and Light Trucks
in Standard In-Shop Cabinet


FastCheck vehicles where they sit
generate the graphic EZ Printout
and sell the alignment!

A Portable Rack System
for Alignment and Other Services

Our semi-truck alignment machines are truly in a class of their own. The heavy duty truck and semi-truck sectors are very profitable if you have the right equipment.

To be truly effective and maximize your return on investment you must be able to fully set up the equipment and have a set of measurements in 5 minutes or less. Our heavy duty truck machine will do exactly that and do it consistently day after day.

A cutting edge semi-truck alignment machine will not require that you roll and push the truck in order to make a measurement. This is time wasted and dangerous to boot. We feature NO-ROLL-NO PUSH technology in all our RAV heavy duty alignment machines.

Profitable semi-truck alignments also require precision accuracy so as to eliminate any comeback issues. Our heavy duty truck alignment machines guarantee precise and repeatable accuracy. We are so confident in this aspect that we print an accuracy statement for each system.

A world class semi-truck alignment machine must also be very simple to operate so that training and re-training will never be an issue. Our systems use a 4 color operating procedure and can be operated from the keyboard or the sensor head. IT CAN EVEN BE OPERATED FROM THE SMARTPHONE.

Last but not least, a heavy duty truck alignment machine must be very durable and ours is certainly that. Many of our customers go years without a single breakdown or issue.

When help is needed however it is absolutely critical that you have a team behind you who can guide you through any question or situation that ever appears.

With every RAV semi-truck alignment machine you will receive LIFETIME SUPPORT PROGRAMS. A lifetime subscription to our TECHNICAL HOTLINE comes with the system. A lifetime subscription to our INTERNET BASED support is also yours free of charge. This innovative support system lets our technicians connect to your semi-truck alignment machine and fix your problems.

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