Heavy Duty Truck Alignment Machines

Our best HD alignment system is equally powerful
whether it is used in your workshop or onsite
at the customer’s workshop.

Standard Cabinet Design

One Alignment System for Cars,
Trucks, and Light Trucks
in Standard In-Shop Cabinet

RAV TD8060T FastCheck S.A.

FastCheck vehicles where they sit
generate the graphic EZ Printout
and sell the alignment!

A Portable Rack System
for Alignment and Other Services

Performance Based Alignment Equipment Designed for Revenue Creation and Profits

Our heavy duty truck alignment equipment is state of the art with many industry leading innovations. It’s design incorporates three critical aspects: Speed of use…Simplicity…Accuracy….and Reliability. It has one purpose and that is to be profitable for you the customer. An aligner is only as good as the support program backing it up and this is an area where we truly excel. In addition to a 2 year warranty we offer every RAV aligner owner the following:

  •  Lifetime Telephone Based Support–As a RAV aligner customer you are entitled to reach out for assistance to our team of experts at no additional charge.
  • Lifetime Internet Based Support– For as long as you own the alignment machine you will be able to use this service. Our team will be able to access your alignment system via internet and perform a wide variety of services.
  • Training Programs–Onsite training, training by phone, training by video, training via internet, and training by Live Stream video.

RAVAmerica offers the widest selection of aligners for the heavy duty and semi-truck market. This means we have a model that is a perfect fit for your application.

  •  Special mobile systems designed to be used on site or in your workshop.
  • Standard models on typical roll around cabinets.
  • Portable space saving models
  • Combo models for aligning passenger cars as well as trucks
  • Special FastCheck models designed to sell alignments

Call today for complete details of our equipment and our industry leading after sale support. 800-816-8138

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