Performance Based Wheel Service Equipment

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Performance Based
Wheel Service Equipment

(800) 816-8138
(903 831-3986)

Performance Based
Wheel Service Equipment

(800) 816-8138 – (903 831-3986)

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Forward CR50 / CR60 Heavy Duty Drive-On Lift

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Heavy duty capacity to handle vehicles with wheelbases up to 396"

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 Reliable lift systems for independent repair shops, car dealerships, bodyshops, home enthusiasts, and heavy-duty truck facilities.

Battery operated lift with on-board charger
Creates the industry’s fastest cycle times!

  • No special AC wiring costs or requirements
  • Low electrical usage: DC battery power* and 110V charging
  • Fully functional during power outages

*Battery purchased separately for international use

  • All hydraulics and mechanical lifting components concealed under runway
  • Industry best 65 second rise time
  • Surface mounted and anchored – no required site preparation
  • No cables, chains or sheaves
  • Two model lengths available

PATENTED CONTROL SYSTEM Operate lift from ANY post with this exclusive control system

  • Position memory:Lifting cycles are configured and set―turn each column on, lock the columns and go
  • Programmable controls show operational status for each column
  • Real time height reading
  • Programmable height limiter- maintains level within 3″
  • Battery indicator
  • E-Stop button located at each panel
  • Audible descent alarm


  • Locks in each column spaced at 3” allows lift to be level at any lock position
  • Inverted hydraulic cylinder’s chrome rod is protected from debris and damage
  • 28” wide runways
  • Low drive-on height
  • No cables, chains or sheaves
  • Two model lengths available
  • Self chocking approach ramps engage when the lift is raised
  • Internal air line connections allow two rolling jacks to operate at the same time
  • Four easy to install wedge anchors secure the columns to the floor

Forward Lifts meet the highest industry safety and performance standards. Your assurance of certification is the gold ALI/ETL certified label.

Capacity50,000 lbs. 60,000 lbs.
Maximum Rise78″78″
Maximum Wheelbase336″
Overall Length427″
Overall Width189″189″
Width between Columns142″142″
Column height144-3/4″ 144-3/4″
Runway Width28″28″
Width between Runways45″ 45″
Rise Time65 seconds65 seconds
Ramp Angle10 degrees10 degrees

Lifts available in red only
Specifications subject to change without notice or liability.

Ramp kits
Adding a drive-thru ramp kit to lift runways creates a quick and easy on-off service operation for service bays.

Shim kit
Not every shop floor is perfect. Using optional shims during installation ensures a lift is level and operates at optimum performance.

Mobility kit
Optional wheel kit is available to provide portability for each column adding movement within your shop.

LED lighting
High-efficiency LED lighting, single touch operation system provides hands-free lighting under the vehicle from the lift’s control panel.

Rolling jacks
The optional rolling bridge can be attached to the runway to create various lifting options to make it even more versatile.

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