Ravaglioli Performance Based Heavy Duty Wheel Service Equipment
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RAVAmerica is a nationally known expert in the field of Heavy Duty Wheel Service Equipment since 1985. Our heavy-duty experience is long and varied having supplied virtually all facets of the HD and trucking industries. As everyone knows the Heavy-Duty marketplace is quite different from automotive and very few equipment distributors have heavy-duty expertise and experience. Not only do we have the right machines for your application but just as importantly, we have the experience, the know-how, and the support team to help you succeed.

Being the largest distributor of Ravaglioli Heavy Duty wheel service machines gives you, the customer, a set of distinct advantages. We have been closely involved with engineering in the development of the alignment systems and that means we have a deep understanding of our most technical product. Our buying volume means that we can save our customers as much as 30% in cost as compared to our main competitors.

If you are searching for real value in the form of high quality, innovation, reliability, a great support staff…all at an affordable cost…then look to RAVAmerica.

Ravaglioli TD8060T Heavy Duty Truck Alignment Machine