Ravaglioli Performance Based Heavy Duty Wheel Service Equipment....Your Single Source for
Heavy Duty Alignment, Tire Changing, Wheel Balancing, and Lifting Products.

Alignment Machines
Heavy Duty Truck/Bus Alignment Machines
Cutting Edge Heavy Duty Truck Alignment Equipment With Proven Performance Advantages the Competition Cannot Match
Tire Changers
Heavy Duty Tire Changers
Heavy Duty Tire Changing Machines for Truck, Bus, Farm, Forestry, Mining, and Earth Moving.
Wheel Balancers
Heavy Duty Truck Wheel Balancers
Ravaglioli offers both a top of the range video diagnostic model as well as a more standard model with digital display.
Heavy Duty Lifts
From 13,000 lbs. thru 60,000 lbs. Forward has lift models of all types and sizes to fit your needs and budget.

RAVAmerica is a nationally known expert in the field of Heavy Duty Wheel Service Equipment since 1985. Our heavy duty experience is long and varied having supplied virtually all facets of the HD and trucking industries. As everyone knows the Heavy Duty marketplace is quite different from automotive and very few equipment distributors have heavy duty expertise and experience. Not only do we have the right machines for your application but just as importantly, we have the experience, the know-how, and the support team to help you succeed.

Being the largest distributor of Ravaglioli Heavy Duty wheel service machines gives you, the customer, a set of distinct advantages. We have been closely involved with engineering in the development of the alignment systems and that means we have a deep understanding of our most technical product. Our buying volume means that we can save our customers as much as 30% in cost as compared to our main competitors.

If you are searching for real value in the form of high quality, innovation, reliability, a great support staff….all at an affordable cost….then look to RAVAmerica.

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