Tire Tread Depth Measuring System

An Affordable and Proven Way to Increase Sales of Tire and Alignment Services
Starting prices well under $15,000!

Place the PROFILER in your reception area or any high traffic bay and your sales opportunities will expand. Simply drive the vehicle over the PROFILER and a full color graphic report of the tire wear condition is sent to the printer. The optional high resolution camera captures the vehicle registration plate and the software automatically attaches the license plate image and the registration number to the PROFILER report. This allows easy mating of the Tire Tread report and the workshop work order.
Results in seconds…..Simply Drive Over the PROFILER…. Detailed Reports Indicate Tire Wear and Alignment Conditions……No Technician Needed.
Compatible with Atlas Edge Series Alignment Systems

PROFILER + Stand Alone Control Console
Workshop PC on trolley with direct access to customer data and measurement values. The software runs on any Windows based system.

FastTread – Tire Tread Depth Measuring SystemFastTread – Tire Tread Depth Measuring System

PROFILER + New or Existing RAV Alignment System
This model allows you to control the PROFILER from a RAV Wheel Alignment System to create an alignment and tire inspection test lane. Both aligner technologies are compatible with the FastTread and by pairing the two systems you are able to share the console, PC, printer, and monitor in order to reduce space and costs.

 FastTread – Tire Tread Depth Measuring System     Vistar TD3000HPR Premium Series Wheel Alignment Machine

PROFILER + FastCheck + Quick Service Lift
A full pre-inspection lane in less than 5.5 meters. No floor modifications required.

FastTread – Tire Tread Depth Measuring System

Vistar TD3000HPR Premium Series Wheel Alignment Machine   RAV Quick Service Lift

RAV wheel alignment systems, test lanes, and balancers will soon offer integration with 3rd party software. Available summer 2019.

RAV software integration

TireTread system provides the documentation required that substantiates whether the vehicle tires meet safety standards. Easy to interpret full color graphics represent each rib of the tire surface with tread depth measurements included.

Stop and Go PROFILER Camera
The Stop and Go camera will be installed so that the vehicle registration plate is imaged each time. Special software attaches this image and the registration number to the printout generated by the PROFILER system. This allows easy matching of the test report to the customer work order. The camera features a red-green light which instructs the driver when it is time to drive across.
Stop and Go camera

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