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RAV Smart Aligner and Forward Lift Bundle
Included in this Package Deal
  • TD 2.0 SmartAligner Deluxe – Higher Technology in Simple Yet Powerful Packages. Use With Your 2 Post Lift No Drive on Alignment Lift Required! Make Wheels Free Adjustments With Vehicle In Air!
  • Forward I10 Two-Post Lift has frame engaging rubber padded truck adapters with multiple extensions to raise most vehicles on the road today.

SAVE $1500 when you buy the bundle!
Finance for as low as $479 for 60 months

item number: Auto 1 Combo

  • Complete 4 wheel alignment system
  • All angles measured
  • Caster measured with or without turning plates
  • Toe, caster, camber can be adjusted in the air
  • Wheel base difference measured
  • Track width difference measured
  • Rear wheel set-back measured
  • ADAS compatible with leading ADAS providers such as Autel and Texa
  • Alignment reports paper or paperless
  • Teq-Link app capable of delivering productivity reports

2 Instrument Storage Boards with charging2 Instrument Storage Boards With Charging

4 Wireless Sensors Heads4 Wireless Sensors Heads

Four 4 Point Non-Runout
Wheel ClampsFour 4 Point Non-Runout
Wheel Clamps

Smart TabletSmart Tablet

Wall Storage Pegs for Wheel Clamp StorageWall Storage Pegs for
Wheel Clamp Storage

2 Post Lift Adaptor Kit2 Post Lift Adapter Kit

Teq Link Data Management AppTeq Link Data Management App

Turning-Plates-Steering-and-Brake-LocksPair of Turning Plates
Steering and Brake Locks

Sunlight Mobile Auto Service

Two Post Alignment Machine

“I started my company 6 months ago. It is a mobile auto repair service. But we do have a base of operations, a small shop with a single twin post lift. I did not think alignments would be an option for us, because you had to have a 4 post lift. Then I came across RavAmerica online and saw their 2 post alignment machine. I called and setup a time to come in and look at the equipment. When I arrived the staff were very friendly and professional. Ernie walked me through a complete alignment procedure with the machine and answered every question I had. I am thankful for this so that way I can keep as much business as possible without having to send it somewhere else because we did not have the equipment.”

Two Post Alignment Machine
North Boston Garage

Two Post Alignment Machine

“The RAVAmerica Smart Aligner for Two Post lifts is a fantastic alignment machine.”

Two Post Alignment Machine
Ashdown Arkansas

Smart Aligner Two Post Alignment Machine

“I am a second generation tire dealer and we have recently upgraded our alignment to the new RAVAmerica Smart Aligner from RAVAmerica. The new system is fantastic and even allows us to do alignments off our two post lifts. It is fast and efficient and as a result our alignment productivity has really improved.”

Two Post Alignment Machine
Alberta, Canada

2 Post Wheel Alignment System

“Just recently I was asking myself why, with advancing technologies, didn’t someone offer a wheel aligner that worked with a 2 post lift. I started searching online and when I found this machine I couldn’t believe it. I ordered one that very week.”

WIFI in 4-bay shop
Two Post Alignment Machine
Ontario, Canada

2 Post Smart Aligner

“We did the entire alignment including caster/camber adjustment. The results were the same when we lowered the truck back to the floor and rechecked. The steering wheel came out straight. VERY, VERY IMPRESSIVE.”

2 Post Smart Aligner
Two Post Alignment Machine
Ontario, Canada

Two Post Alignment Machine

“I used to be a rep for a major alignment systems competitor and I like this alignment system much better, someone should have done this years ago. I have a 4 bay shop, no room for 4 post alignment lift. I have one tech with decades of experience who loves it and more importantly, a new tech with two weeks total experience; took to it immediately.”

Two Post Alignment Machine
Tires Plus

Two Post Alignment Machine

“We have operated a full service tire dealership for the past 40 years and own several RAV machines, all of which have been excellent. The latest addition is the new Smart Aligner and it may be the most impressive of all. This alignment system allows us to do alignments in any bay and off of any lift…even the floor. When our drive on alignment lifts are in use we are now able to do a fast and accurate alignment using one of our two post or scissor lifts. The technical support we receive from RAVAmerica is every bit as good as the equipment….maybe even better!”

Two Post Alignment Machine

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Forward I10 2 Post Lift

Frame engaging rubber padded truck adapters with multiple extensions to raise most vehicles on the road today. Includes four (each) adapter extensions at 3.5″ and 5″. Spot-Rite™ 3-Stage Front Arms to accommodate vehicles both symmetrically and asymmetrically. This feature allows the technician to position the vehicle doors in front of or behind the column to prevent door damage.

Additional Features:

  • 10,000 lbs. capacity for raising most passenger cars, trucks and vans.
  • The I10 has been third party tested by ETL and approved by ALI.
  • 3-stage front arm design enables you to position doors in front of the column or behind to avoid door damage.
  • Includes adjustable frame contact adapters.
  • Adapter storage bracket kit.
  • Hydraulic cylinders in each column:
    • Top-mounted | Direct pull lifting technology | Cylinder rod concealed inside the carriage





Max. Rise w/5″ extension

76-1/4″ (1937mm)

Overall Height

143″ (3632mm)

Overall Width

131″ or optional 137″ (3327mm / 4380mm)

Drive through clearance

99″ or optional 105″ (2515mm / 2667mm)

Overhead switch height

137-5/8″ (3496mm)

Front reach (Min/Max)

23″ / 44-1/2″ (584mm / 1130mm)

Rear reach (Min/Max)

36″ / 58″ (914mm / 1473mm)

Min/Max Adapter Height

3-3/4″ (95mm) no adapter extension
8-3/4″ (222mm) w/5″ adapter extension

Width Inside Column

109″ or optional 115″ (2769mm / 2921mm)

Adapter Heights

3-1/2″and 5″


208 / 230, 15 amps; 208/230, 16 amps


1ph*/2HP/50Hz; 1ph*/2HP/60Hz

Ceiling height required

144″ (3658mm)

*3-phase available at additional cost
Lifts available in blue and red
Specifications subject to change without notice or liability