RAV G7246.22 Pro SwingArm & Forward I-10 10K Two Post Combo
Included in this Package Deal
  • G7246.26 Tire Changer
  • Forward I-10 10K Two Post Lift

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G2 140R Wheel Balancer 2

The Ravaglioli G7246ID.26A “SpeedChanger” makes use of our powerful 220 volt inverter motor with variable speed for more torque and complete speed control. Our bead breaker is 50% more powerful than most of our competitors. The clamping table handles rims up to 26″ in the outside position without the need for additional adaptors

  • 220 volt variable speed drive
  • 26″ outside clamping without adaptors
  • 8000PSI bead breaking cylinder
  • Professional quality and performance
  • Durable swingarm design
  • Options include pneumatic help and duckbill quick change kit
  • Top European quality


  • Wheel lift
  • Plastic duckbill kits
Forward I10 2 Post Lift

Frame engaging rubber padded truck adapters with multiple extensions to raise most vehicles on the road today. Includes four (each) adapter extensions at 3.5″ and 5″. Spot-Rite™ 3-Stage Front Arms to accommodate vehicles both symmetrically and asymmetrically. This feature allows the technician to position the vehicle doors in front of or behind the column to prevent door damage.

Additional Features:

  • 10,000 lbs. capacity for raising most passenger cars, trucks and vans.
  • The I10 has been third party tested by ETL and approved by ALI.
  • 3-stage front arm design enables you to position doors in front of the column or behind to avoid door damage.
  • Includes adjustable frame contact adapters.
  • Adapter storage bracket kit.
  • Hydraulic cylinders in each column:
    • Top-mounted | Direct pull lifting technology | Cylinder rod concealed inside the carriage





Max. Rise w/5″ extension

76-1/4″ (1937mm)

Overall Height

143″ (3632mm)

Overall Width

131″ or optional 137″ (3327mm / 4380mm)

Drive through clearance

99″ or optional 105″ (2515mm / 2667mm)

Overhead switch height

137-5/8″ (3496mm)

Front reach (Min/Max)

23″ / 44-1/2″ (584mm / 1130mm)

Rear reach (Min/Max)

36″ / 58″ (914mm / 1473mm)

Min/Max Adapter Height

3-3/4″ (95mm) no adapter extension
8-3/4″ (222mm) w/5″ adapter extension

Width Inside Column

109″ or optional 115″ (2769mm / 2921mm)

Adapter Heights

3-1/2″and 5″


208 / 230, 15 amps; 208/230, 16 amps


1ph*/2HP/50Hz; 1ph*/2HP/60Hz

Ceiling height required

144″ (3658mm)

*3-phase available at additional cost
Lifts available in blue and red
Specifications subject to change without notice or liability