Included in this Package Deal
  • TD8060TWSRA Fastliner Heavy Duty Truck Alignment Machine Conventional Roll Around Cabinet.

  • GTB-16 EVO Tire Changer Truck Tire Changer

  • GTL4.140RC Truck Wheel Balancer

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RAVAmerica TD8060T Heavy Duty Truck Alignment Machine
  • Higher revenue potential and more productive.
  • No pushing or rolling the vehicle required.
  • Fast 3 minute set up and measuring time.
  • Fastcheck program sells alignments.
  • Nothing required to change bays or move to parking lot.
  • Can be carried on site to customer location.
  • Proven and repeatable accuracy.
  • Great versatility…aligns virtually all types of vehicles.
  • Simple to use…less training required.
  • Calibrate the system yourself.
  • Best and fastest trailer alignment system.
  • Great reliability and low maintenance costs
  • Welded metal console with molded top and monitor mount, compartments for PC and printer, and storage compartment.
  • Deluxe Software
  • Sensor heads charge when docked on side of the cabinet
  • 4 Bluetooth Measuring Sensors
  • Industrial Quality PC
  • Trailer Alignment Package
  • Self Calibration Package
  • Pair of HD Turnplates
  • SmartTablet Remote Control
  • Printer
  • Wheel Clamp Adaptors
    • Set of 4 No Runout FastClamps for Budd Wheels
  • Optional Accessories Available
    • Wheel Clamp Storage Cart
    • HD Alignment Tool Set
    • HD Alignment Shim Assortment
Boss Truck Shops Inc.

HD Alignment and Tire Changer

“We’ve purchases several of the RAV Alignment machines over the years with Great Success! Use to work with Benny and have been working with Nick over the last few years. Love the product and most of all they’re customer support is 2nd to none! You have any issues and they’re on it! I’d highly recommend them and they’re products!”

HD Aligners and Tire Changers
Total Drive LLC

RAVAmerica HD Mobile Alignment Machine

“I’ve owned and operated a RAV America HD alignment machine mobile since 2014. I’ve never had a break down or issue causing any downtime in that entire time. This is the fastest, hardest working machine in the market today.”

Heavy Duty Truck Aligners

RAVAmerica Truck Alignment System

“In the Fall of 2019, my company decided it was time to add to our services for our customers. I did some research and had many conversations with Nick at RAVAmerica. The RAVAmerica team provided answers for all my questions. After we purchased the alignment machine, all of the support, on site and on line, was available when we needed help. The RAVAmerica Truck Alignment system has added valuable services for all of our customers. Thank you RAVAmerica team.”

Heavy Duty Truck Aligners
GTB16EVO Truck Tire Changer

The Ravaglioli GTB16EVO Heavy Duty Truck and Bus Tire Changer is the most qualified truck tire changer available on the world market. This one of a kind machine improves productivity while increasing workplace safety and conserving valuable floor space

No Lifting of the Tire and Wheel
The Ravaglioli GTB16EVO Heavy Duty Truck and Bus Tire Changer does all the heavy lifting. How many times have you watched your employees lift a 200 lb wide based assembly that is lying flat on the floor. With the Pilot you simply roll the tire and wheel up to the machine and slide it toward the clamping jaws. With a push of a button the wheel is safely clamped to the machine’s rotatable jaws. With another push of the button the machine lifts the tire and wheel off the floor to a desirable working height.

The Pilot Conserves Your Floor Space
How valuable is your workspace? How many times have you witnessed a group of tires lying face down on your shop floor devouring precious floor space? The Pilot changes the tire standing up instead of lying down. The footprint of the machine is small because its design is vertically oriented. Improve the productivity of your available floor space and you will improve your overall efficiency.

Automate Your Practices and Procedures
Manual tire changing is a 20th century concept that is no longer practical. Automation has been one of the keys to improved efficiency and now you can embrace it in your tire changing operations. Until now there has been no design improvements in truck tire changers that caused the industry to re-think its practices. The Pilot is the first major machine design improvement in over 30 years.

The GTB16EVO is a one-of-a-kind. It is equipped with four rollers with a unique form, positioned on the two sides of the wheel in diametrically opposite positions.
With this system, the dismounting of the tire with bead breakers is very simple and natural, while the anterior bead breakers keep the bead in the drop center and the posterior ones continue their course until the dismounting is complete.

Do not be misled by imitators….insist on an original Ravaglioli

Tube-Type combinations
Steel and alloy rims
Standard and Wide Based
17.5 and 19.5 Super Duty
Reduces risk of bead damage
Reduces risk of workplace accidents
Lowers risk of workmen’s compensation claims
The only automated solution for mounted wheel programs Much less costly than manpower
Protects the health and well being of your workforce
Handles most light truck combinations as well
Industrial quality design and construction
Unique Bead Saver Arm

GTL4.140RC FastMatch Super Duty Wheel Balancer

Heavy Duty Truck Wheel Balancer with premium software and features. With proper adaptors this versatile balancing machine is ideal for cars and light trucks as well as heavy duty trucks.
This is the same machine as our GPTL.4 Plus FastMatch but with locking by wingnut instead of the pneumatic shaft. This new design commercial wheel balancer combines the old with the new. At the heart of this super duty balancer is one of the heaviest frames and chassis the industry has ever offered.
You will never see sand bags or concrete blocks inside our wheel balancers that add needed weight to the structure. You will never see this because our structure is so heavily made with thick steel plating. Remove the weight tray and notice our frame construction and how the drive train is attached to the balancer chassis.
Next do the same with our leading competitors and notice the difference in design and construction. This truck tire balancing machine is a machine that not only is more rugged and lasts longer but is also the most precisely accurate wheel balancer possible.

  • Premium balancing software for trucks, cars, and light trucks
  • Vivid graphics on flat panel display
  • Automatic data entry
  • Powerful DC drive motor
  • Integrated pneumatic lift
  • Auto stop on top feature
  • Hidden weight feature
  • Eco weight feature
  • Light truck balancing modes
  • Alloy balancing modes
  • Tape weight modes
  • Runout measurement of the rim
  • Runout measurement of the tire (optional)

Other Benefits

  • Better and heavier construction for longevity and durability
  • Stronger drive motor means faster balancing cycles
  • DC drive motor allows for more precise spin speed and a more accurate balance
  • Simple to use with our exclusive 5 color keypad. Most balancing functions require no keypad interaction at all.

To custom fit your application we offer several different adaptor packages. We prefer to outfit the machine to fit your needs as closely as possible. This means you are not required to purchase expensive tooling that you do not need.

  • Power Requirement: 115 volt 1 phase
  • Basic truck package
  • ProMax HD truck package
  • Basic light truck package
  • ProMax MD light truck package
  • Basic car package
  • Pro Balance car package