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Ravaglioli G1150.30 Magic Leverless Tire Changer

The leverless action of the Magic Leverless Tire Changer with its all plastic contact and hub mounting offers safe and efficient changing of a large variety of difficult tires and wheels

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As its name implies this leverless tire changer machine magically handles even the most challenging tire and wheel combinations. The operator guides the machine using a simple 2 button control. All contact with the tire and wheel is made by plastic components so the risk of marring a wheel or damaging a bead iis almost non-existent. The Magic fastens the wheel through its center hole by using a quick release shaft and wingnut along with a plastic centering cone.

The bead breaking is dynamic and uses a plastic coated roller for this purpose. Compared to competitor’s models the Magic Leverless Tire Changer is both simpler to operate and simpler to maintain. This machine is powerful when power is needed. By using a 220 volt inverter motor torque is produced when torque is needed. This ingenious drive motor also offers the operator true variable speed control so that rotation speed can be customized to fit the application.

The MagicLeverless Tire Changer  is completely accessorized for maximum performance and includes pneumatic help device, wheel lift, and a full range of bead clamp devices and other adaptors.

Although the Magic Leverless Tire Changer is great on low profiles, runflats, exotic rims and other specialty jobs it is also a powerful workhorse and is able to change difficult light truck combinations such as 17.5″ and 19.5″ super duty.

  • Patented NO LEVER System
  • Center hole locking system suitable for reverse rims
  • Quick locking device with centering cone and plastic protection
  • Wheel centering adaptor with dual conicity
  • Plastic protection for wheel plate
  • 220 volt variable speed inverter motor
  • Dynamic bead breaker roller
  • Rim diameters through 30″
  • Tire diameters through 45″
  • Pneumatic vertical bead breaker with bi-directional roller
  • 28″ bead pushing device with pulling system
  • Pneumatic help device
  • Pneumatic wheel lift
  • 220v 1ph is standard

G1150.30 Magic Leverless

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Using Bead Puller

G1150.30 Magic Using Bead Puller
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With Plus 93, Wheel Lift

G1150.30 Magic With Plus 93 Wheel Lift
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Using Magic Cord

G1150.30 Magic Dunlop 245 40 R18 Using Magic Cord
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Using PLUS

G1150.30 Magic Dunlop 245 40 R18 Using Magic Cord
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Good Year RFT 245 40 R18

G1150.30 Magic Dunlop 245 40 R18 Using Magic Cord
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