Same great quality and refinement as our 14,000 lb model

640.2 10000 lb Alignment Scissor
This alignment lift is perfect when you really need lower lifting capacity
and shorter overall length

The RAV640.2 10,000 lb. Alignment Scissors Lift is beautifully engineered and manufactured to a high standard. This lift will function properly and stay synchronized for decades. Synchronization which is so difficult for our competitors to achieve is easily maintained in all RAV scissors lifts by use of a simple electro-hydraulic valve.
This is one of RAV’s most important patents and solves one of the biggest complaints about our competitor’s scissors lifts. A scissors lift built to high standards such as RAV will actually cost less over the long run through a longer life and less maintenance along the way. When you consider the space saving design (no posts) the RAV scissors lift is the ultimate alignment lift rack.

The 640.2 is ideally sized for automobiles and most light trucks with 10,000 lbs. of lifting capacity and with runways of 184″ length. This lift can be flushed mounted into the floor or surface mounted as usual. It comes with a pair of high quality 7000 lbs rolling jacks, integrated slip plates that are locked/unlocked pneumatically from the console, and a spacer kit which allow you to place turntables in several locations.

  • 10,000 lb lifting capacity
  • 181″ runway length
  • Two 5000lb. rolling jacks
  • Patented and simple hydraulic leveling for perfect synchronization every cycle
  • Models for both surface mount and flush mount installation
  • Integrated rear slip plates with pneumatic locking and unlocking at the console
  • Space saving when lift is raised
  • Obstacle free floor space when lift is fully lowered
  • No cross rails or torsion bars between lifting platforms
  • Audible alarm during final lowering phase
  • All pivot points made with self lubricating bushings for longer life
  • Mechanical locking with automatic engagement and pneumatic release for maximum safety
  • Base plates with leveling system for easy installation
  • Available with integrated hydraulic play detector option
  • Available with integrated wheels free scissors option
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