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4504OF 14,000 lb Four Post Open Front Alignment Lift

A refined and totally open front alignment lift from Europe’s premier lift manufacturer.

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4504 lift

Lift with flat runways, with front recess for turntables and rear sliding plates mounted over the platform.
Low-fricition rear slips. They can be manually locked in the central postion. Transverse and angular movements in both direction.

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The RAV 14,000 lb open front four post alignment lift with extra long 224″ runway length makes it ideal for wheel alignment services on today’s longer and heavier vehicles. For convenience and versatility this lift is equipped with front spacer kit to allow positioning of alignment turntables in more than one location.

RAV integrated rear slip plates allow movements both angular and transverse Our true open front design uses no cross rails or torsion bars to block access from either end. Two RAV 7000 lb rolling jacks are included with the alignment package. Another great example of RAV engineering, design, and manufacturing excellence.

  • 14,000 lb Capacity
  • 224″ runway length
  • Open front design has no cross rails or obstacles to interfere
  • Two 7000 premium RAV rolling jacks
  • Integrated rear slip plates with both angular and transverse movements
  • Cable and sheave mechanism with no overhead beam
  • Runways feature front spacer kit so alignment turntables can be positioned in more than one location
  • Mechanical locking with automatic engagement and pneumatic release for maximum safety
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