RAVAmerica TestDrive 2.0 WI-FI
2 Post Lift Wheel Aligner

Higher Technology in A Simple Yet Powerful Package.
Use With Your 2 Post Lift No Drive on Alignment Lift Required!

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WIFI System Trailer

WIFI System Overview

Alignment on The Two Post Lift

Two Post Alignment

  • Complete 4 wheel alignment system
  • All angles measured
  • Caster measured with or without turning plates
  • Toe, caster, camber can be adjusted in the air
  • Wheel base difference measured
  • Track width difference measured
  • Rear wheel set-back measured
  • ADAS compatible with leading ADAS providers such as Autel and Texa
  • Alignment reports paper or paperless
  • Teq-Link app capable of delivering productivity reports
Wheels Free RAVAmerica TestDrive 2.0 WI-FI Alignment System

Scissors Lift

Drive on Lift

Drive on Lift

Measure on the Floor

Prices range from $12,202.00 to $17,686.00 USD…monthly payments start at $249…see packages below for more detail.

  • Use turning plates if you prefer.
  • Start engine and measure caster without plates if you prefer.
Tablet Based Technology

Tablet is operated by touch or with stylus included.

Tablet uses magnets to securely attach to lift as you adjust

Tablet uses magnets to securely attach to lift as you adjust.

  • Simplified and user friendly
  • Plenty of high and features
  • Very fast and easy

Software Overview

TESTDrive Straight Steering

Wheel Feature

  • When connected the tablet automatically updates when new program versions are available.
  • Vehicle data updates are done by contacting RAVAmerica and arranging the download.
Software Automatic Update
  • Calibration Software Included

System can measure front axle using two receptors only for quick checks. Export the printout to the customer and sell the alignment.

Pricing and Financing

Pricing and Financing

2 Post Lift Wheel Aligner