RAVAmerica Automotive Tire Changers for Cars and Light Trucks – The Best Tire Changers on the Market!

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RAV G7645.26 Tilt Pro Automatic Tilt Back
RAV G7246.26 SpeedChanger Tire Changer
RAV G7240.22 Standard SwingArm Tire Changer

Our Goal is To Build Only the Highest Quality Automotive Tire Changers
While most leading tire changer brands in the U.S. market have steadily lowered their quality standards, RAV has consistently taken the steps necessary to build the very best and longest lasting machines possible. Refusing to trade quality and innovation for short term profits, our huge range of tire changing equipment represents the very best in quality, design, and efficiency.

Ravaglioli Knows Automotive Tire Changers…
Everyone knows the best tire changer are manufactured in Italy and Ravaglioli is the largest wheel service equipment manufacturer located in Italy. We have one brand new state of the art factory dedicated to tire changer innovation, design, engineering and manufacturing. Some of the best tire changer minds in the world work here and are developing new and better ways to change today’s difficult assemblies.

All our tire changing machines are manufactured totally at our factories in Northern Italy.

While the industry as a whole builds down to meet a price Ravaglioli engineers UP to meet a standard. The result is tire changers that perform at a higher level and last longer. We care about quality and that is why even the cylinders used in our equipment are manufactured by RAV in our factories. How else can you expect to maintain quality control?

We are pioneering the use of 220 volt inverter motors in our tire changers which offers more power when power is needed as well as true variable speed control of the motor. Our bead breaker cylinders are usually 50% more powerful than those used by our competitors.

From the top of the range Magic Leverless to our basic swingarm types RAV tire changers are the best tire changer on the market.

If your old brand no longer lasts like it used to and its performance is not quite up to the task perhaps it is time to try RAV.

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The low profile tire simply looks better than a normal profile tire and allows the tire to fit comfortably within the fender well. The lower profile tire has better performance and handling characteristics as well. However, low profile tires have compromised the ride quality of the vehicle and made precision wheel balancing even more critical.

For the dealer to have the most effective, efficient, and risk free mounting operations possible they need to invest in a top range tire changing system that offers no-lever function. These machines feature plastic to rim and plastic to tire contact. If improperly used these machines are designed so that the plastic tooling used by the machine may be damaged but the tire and rim will not be damaged.

For the most effective mounting processes you should invest immediately in a new age tire changer and learn its proper operation. Then teach its proper operation to all your employees who will be using it.

The Ravaglioli G1130.50 Magic and the Ravaglioli G8945.26 Memory are excellent examples of cutting edge tire changing systems. They feature all plastic contact and are fully accessorized with wheel lift, pneumatic help, and an array of accessories.