Forward DP15 Two Post Lift

The Forward DP15 Two Post Lift is constructed of high strength heavy gauge steel columns. 

The Forward DP15 Two Post Lift offers three different height options, for the lowest ceiling option DP15N000 the overhead cross member mounts directly to the column without a column extension to fit a 155 ¾” (12’-11 ¾”) ceiling height. The standard height DP15N001 fits a 176” (14’-8”) ceiling height and the extended height DP15N002 fits a 200” (16’-8”) ceiling height. With all these options it’s easy choose the best package

$14,995 or $299 Per Month

The Forward DP15 Two Post Lift is constructed of high strength heavy gauge steel columns. Large gusseting on substantial base plate foundations provide the stability and support you want for a heavy truck lift. With a capacity of 15,000 pounds, your shop can start working on work trucks, vans, or small buses along with everything else that rolls through the door.

The Forward DP15 Two Post Lift comes with eight aircraft grade aluminum truck adapter extensions. Four 5” and four 10” adapters allow you to lift a wide range of vehicles. These are heavy-duty adapters without the “heavy”. Because they’re made of aluminum you’ll be able to place and maneuver them without strain. They have a convenient column bracket for storage.


Arms: Forward’s heavy-duty two-post DP15 has two-stage arms that can easily be extended and retracted while lying on the floor spotting a vehicle. Couple that with the light adapter extensions and you win the spotting large vehicle battle!

2-STAGE ARMS with heavy-duty reinforced gusseting
• Extended and retracted from 61” to 38”
• 5 1/2” minimum adapter height from floor