Ravaglioli 9000 lb Double Scissors Lift

The Ravaglioli 9000 lb Double Scissors Lift is post-free, no excavation, space saving solution. One of the fastest growing trends in the lift industry.

Minimum height 5″3″
High capacity model with longer lifting plates.

No more bending down to set the arms on a conventional lift…..Ravaglioli 9000 lb Double Scissors Lift are one of the fastest growing lift trends present in today’s automotive workshops. This ingenious design has many advantages over conventional lifting systems…primarily speed, convenience, and it saves significant space in today’s cramped workshops. It has no posts or obstructions which are in the way, takes up excessive space and can damage the vehicle. It can be flush mounted so that none of the lift protrudes above floor level when it is down, but does not require deep excavation and fill-in like the in ground models. The Ravaglioli 9000 lb Double Scissors Lift is a real space saver due to the fact that it uses no posts for support like the 2 post and 4 post lifts. The double scissors has more than 6 feet of rise and is much faster to rise than conventional lifts. When this lifting system is all the way down you have essentially the same as a flat stall. It can be flush mounted into the floor for the cleanest look possible.

  • ALI Approved
  • Lifting Capacity 9000 lbs
  • Audible alarm on descent and controlled speed on final descent
  • Lifting Height 78”
    Low Clearance 5 ¼”
  • Overall Width 80”
    Width Between Platforms 32”
  • Platform Length 57” – 81 7/8”
  • Control Station 11” x 10”
  • Motor HP 3.5 if 2.6kw motor used
  • Motor Voltage / Amp 208v -230v 1 ph 16A
  • 208v -230v 3 ph xxA
  • 460v -480v 3 ph xxA
  • Control Station Location 39” Left of platform*
  • Concrete Requirement 5”

* Lifts requiring control on right of platform require kit # xxxxx
* Lifts requiring recess must use kit # 57998070