Performance Based Wheel Alignment Machines
for the Passenger Car and Light Truck Market

The Versatile TowerFree Vistar 3D Alignment Machines System….Too Powerful to be Limited to Only One Bay!

Value priced alignment machines with premium features and big time results!

The First True Collision Center Alignment System Designed to Meet the Unique Demands of the Collision Center.

RAV 3D Alignment and Lifts
Approved by Mercedes!

ADAS Calibrations…Flexible, Precise, and Complete

Two Proven Technologies to Choose From….Tower Free 3D Vistar Series and CCD 8 Liner Series.
RAV offers two state of the art alignment technologies instead of only one. Both technologies are proven winners and both feature precision accuracy, fast operating speeds, amazing reliability, and positive results. Both are designed for maximum return on investment and revenue creation.

RAV Vistar
Our 3D Vistar series allows you to break free of the tower designs that have been used by our competitors for the past 20 years. Today’s world demands portability and versatility in every product on the market and wheel alignment is no different.

  • RAV Vistar is Portable and Tower Free
    Our 3D portable cameras can move all over your workshop from bay to bay to bay. Our equipment can be used to measure off the floor and align larger trucks or to perform FastChecks which will help you sell more alignment work. Our aligner can be remotely controlled and viewed by smartphone which sets it free and makes it truly portable. It can be used with more than one rack, with a two post lift, or almost any other surface. This new technology allows you to take the system to the vehicle wherever the vehicle is parked instead of having to move the vehicle to a dedicated alignment lift.
  • RAV 8 Liner Produces the Alignment Results You Need at a Lower Initial Cost
    This is perhaps the best all around CCD sensor head alignment machine ever built. The reason it is so good is that RAV has continued to invest in this technology where our competitors have mostly thrown all their efforts into the tower aligners. As a result our sensor heads have the very latest electronic components available which means higher performance and greater reliability. Our wheel clamps properly installed to not contribute to sensor head damage and even if a sensor head is dropped very rarely does damage occur. The software used by the 8 Liner is built from the same platform as the Vistar and the PC used is a commercial quality machine featuring Windows 10 operating system.
    You can expect positive results from this alignment machine in terms of alignment quality, income production, and reliability. Due to its affordable cost it is one of the best values on the world market.
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