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ADAS Preparation for the positioning of the calibration frame with vehicle on the

Many repairs and vehicle actions require Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) diagnostics or calibration. Among these actions are sensor replacement, collision repair, wheel alignment, and windshield replacement. Use the MaxiSys scanner to prescan the vehicle, identify which ADAS systems are active and prepare a repair plan which includes the required ADAS calibrations after the repair is completed. When it is time to calibrate the ADAS systems the scan tool will guide you with step by step instructions including required components, procedures, and set up help. After the calibration is completed the scan tool allows you to perform a post-scan to confirm if the module is cleared. The ADAS module calibration will not complete if the calibration steps were not followed correctly.

RAV offers a software upgrade that allows the system to supply the alignment values needed for proper sensor calibration. Easy step by step instructions guide you through the process for a faster and more precise process.

Profitability Potential

  • Average cost for each ADAS calibration is $250-$300.
  • Average cost for each Pre and Post Scan is $100-$150.

The MaxiCheck MX808 works with your RAV wheel alignment system to help you service steering systems properly. This includes resetting steering angle sensors and much more. It can even double as a remote control for your RAV aligner! Here are a few of its outstanding features:

  • Reset Steering Angle Sensors
  • Read/clear codes for all available systems
  • Display live data in text, graph & analog for easy data review
  • Auto VIN technology can automatically identify the vehicle’s make, model and year information in no time
  • Relearn parking brake pad after replacement
  • Support IMMO functions
  • Support forced DPF regeneration and adjusting injectors
  • Reset service mileage and service intervals
  • Support TPMS sensor relearn
  • Support battery registration and reset

The MX808 Will Also Double as a Remote Control,
Remote Viewer, and VIN Scanner for Your RAV Aligner!!

MaxiCheck MX808 Scan Tool

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