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Alignment Machines Tire Changers Wheel Balancers Lift Racks

RAV (Ravagloli) and RAVAmerica form a dynamic team offering wheel alignment, wheel balancers, 2 post lifts, 4 post lifts, scissor lifts, tire changers, and diagnostic equipment for the North America market. RAVAmerica is known throughout for its expertise in wheel alignment and its award winning support programs including the powerful Advantage Plus customer support program. RAV and RAVAmerica have a real expertise in heavy duty equipment and our heavy duty wheel alignment, tire changing, and wheel balancing machines are known for quality, performance, and durability.

Some of the leading companies use our RAV equipment such as Bridgestone Tire of America, Foretravel Custom Coaches, AutoCar, J B Hunt Transport, and many others large and small.  Our wheel alignment machines and systems compare most favorably with brands such as Hunter alignment machines. Our tire changing and mounting machines are of the highest quality and compare favorably with Coats tire changers. Our wheel balancers will match up with any leading brand including Hunter wheel balancers, CEMB wheel balancers, Coats wheel balancers, and John Bean wheel balancers.

RAVAmerica is unique in the world of customer support and is the first and foremost master distributor and competence center who utilizes remote support methods exclusively. Since 2004, RAVAmerica has led the industry worldwide by supporting its alignment machines remotely using a variety of technologies and methods. We have thousands of customers around the globe who rely on our remote support services. Along with new and superior technologies, our expertise in this arena allow us to effectively support wheel alignment machines no matter where they are based.

At RAVAmerica we offer an expert telephone technical hotline for our customers so that they can call and speak with an expert about any alignment related issue. We offer INTERNET based support where we access the customer’s alignment equipment and operate it from our technical headquarters. This allows us to update software, address training related issues, and diagnose the complete system. Our virtual demonstration and training sessions conducted live from our virtual training center allow us to present the product and teach you its use right from our training center.


Wheel alignment is the focus at RAVAmerica and we are known nationwide for both light duty automotive and heavy duty truck alignment machines and services. Our newest car alignment machine is the amazing TestDrive Wi-Fi System. This is a revolutionary game changing tool that allows you to perform alignments effectively and efficiently on two post lifts. Yes, you heard it correctly…you can align vehicles on your existing 2 post lifts…the world’s first two post alignment system!

The new Wi-Fi system is completely tablet based and stores on the wall for the maximum in portability and compatibility. The TestDrive Wi-Fi works extremely well with any type of lift or surface including scissor lifts, tire lifts, 2 post lifts, 4 post lifts, drive on racks…or even off the floor or parking lot! This new system is more versatile and modern by far than the Hunter Hawekeye or John Bean tower machines.

The new TestDrive Wi-Fi 2.0 is perhaps the most exciting new alignment system in the past 20 years.

We also have a strong presence in the modern truck alignment sector where leading companies such as Bridgestone, Spartan, ForeTravel, JB Hunt, and Auto Car use our equipment every day. Our TD8060T series truck aligners easily and quickly align trucks, buses, trailers, RVs, multi axles, dual steer and even light trucks or cars. It is known for its simplicity, speed, and reliability. At about half the price of the Hunter model, with equal or higher performance, you are assured of the fastest return on your investment.

RAV truck aligners are setting the standard across North America.

RAVAmerica is your #1 best source for Alignment Machines Tire Changers Wheel Balancers 2 Post Lifts

Ravaglioli FastLiner Series Heavy Duty Truck Aligner